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    Southern Pride

    August 25, 2015 - Author: Randy - No Comments

    It seems like in recent weeks a war against Southern Pride has reactivated a Civil War of sorts. People who are southern at heart are defending the flag that symbolizes our heritage. The shootings in Charleston, South Carolina started a movement that wants to blame racism on a flag. Are we suppose to believe that racists are what they are simply because southerners fly a Confederate flag? Are they serious? So does that mean they intend to remove from anywhere it is displayed the Islamic flag? We have been told in the years since Obama took office that we cannot blame all Muslims for the act of a few radicals. Yet anyone in the south who dares display a Confederate flag is labeled racist. One standard does not fit all apparently. It is also apparent that others  are feeling similar to myself. (read here)

    I find it very offensive that there are Mosques and Muslim flags anywhere in the United States. I feel it is time for all real Americans to stand up for the freedoms that so many of our ancestors fought and died to protect and preserve. I am not racist. And my own ancestors who you can read about on our site actually themselves fought in the War Between the States. They were soldiers in the Confederate Army. But would you believe not one of those ancestors ever owned a slave or even considered owning a slave? In fact history tells us that over 75 percent of the soldiers who fought for the Confederacy never owned slaves. The majority of those soldiers were fighting simply for individual rights. Something most people can relate to. To call the Confederate flag a symbol of racism is actually one of the most ridiculous claims ever forced on the American people.

    And one other thought to consider…Since the Shew family has Lakota Sioux Indian in our ancestry I have to wonder why more people do not find it offensive that our own American flag flies so freely when that same flag flew over the soldiers when they slaughtered innocent Native American men, women and children at Sand Creek in November of 1864 and in December 1890 at Wounded Knee. Were those not acts of violent racism perpetrated on the true Americans?

    I am southern and proud of it.


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