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    To the people of Paris and other places attacked by terrorists…

    November 24, 2015 - Author: Randy - No Comments

    As an American who feels the sadness and pain being felt by Paris I felt a need to send them my prayers and thoughts of condolences. My one hope is that they do realize that the American people do not believe, feel or are committed to the actions of Barack Obama. This is a man who is so self-absorbed that he has always refused to admit anything he does is wrong or a mistake. Rather than admit to choosing the wrong path. he would rather sacrifice as many lives as it will take to try and force even people of other countries to his way of thinking. But of course, when his plans fall through and he has no excuse he immediately tries to place blame on anyone, usually Republicans, rather than be a man and admit his misconceptions. Here is what is seen as a lack of leadership and has been an embarrassment to all Americans for nearly eight years now.

    This is a man who has literally pretended to act presidential his entire term of office and simply convinces himself that everyone is still madly in love with him as they were when he first began his campaigning. His arrogance has damaged our country to a point where the rest of the world no longer respects us but laughs at us and many nations who once looked to America to lead the way in many things now won’t even consider following us in anything or any action.

    It is a complete embarrassment to see all the attacks around the world including Paris and know our so-called President really could care less.

    So I wanted to let the people of Paris and other sites of terrorist activity to know that the American people, basically against the wants of Obama, still support and are praying for them.

    It should be noted that if any Muslim nation was attacked by anyone B.O. would be the first to call for action to support the Muslims and fight their enemies. Also noted is the fact that Obama has never acted Christian in any thing he says or does. His Muslim beliefs are peering out from under his curtain and showing stronger every time something else happens.

    As a Christian and an American I find my faith becoming stronger constantly and hopeful that in Nov 2016 we will gain a leader we can all trust and have hope in.

    Next November we will finally see REAL Hope and Change.

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