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    The Strength of North Carolina – Supporting HB2

    May 10, 2016 - Author: Randy - No Comments

    I have lived in the great state of North Carolina since 1971. I have seen the state change and grow along with the times. And for the most part we have always taken care of our own.

    Now in an age where being PC is supposedly the way of the world, I find many people never try to understand both sides of any given issue.

    Take the recent HB2 law that has become a highly divisive subject. Those in the entertainment industry have been strong to condemn the law and call for boycotts from anyone and everyone to our state until the law is repealed. So to those people, such as Rob Reiner, Bruce Springsteen and so many others, I have but one question….Why are you so supportive of allowing grown men into a young girls shower? That is exactly what they are fighting to allow, no matter how they try to spin it. They say the law is discriminatory against the LGBT community and that they have the right to receive respect which means they should be able to walk into any gender bathroom or locker room or shower they literally choose.

    Now I can understand LGBT people want the right to be who they are, but should it be at the cost of whether a wife, mother or young girl can feel safe? No matter how the Hollywood liberals try to lie and spin this, they are not even considering the safety of females of ANY age. Oh sure, we are supposed to be picking on them and accusing them all of being sexual perverts or pedophiles and the safety issue isn’t really an issue according to them. But they really have no answer when they are asked what happens when a predator walks into a little girls shower room with his cell phone (camera on) and starts photographing all the nudity he can spot. When someone questions why they are there they simply say they believe they should be a woman and not one single person, law enforcement included, can order him out, have him arrested or threaten him in any way, shape or form. Believe it or not, something similar has already happened in the US as well as in Canada.

    So to all these liberal idiots who believe in supporting sexual predators and have canceled movie making, concerts and whatever else in the state of North Carolina I have one thing to tell you…GOOD RIDDANCE! North Carolina doesn’t need you and believe it or not, YOU are the ones who are losing because of all the money you lose by staying out of our state. If I were the governor I would go a step further and forbid you from ever filming or performing in NC again. America is suppose to be free. Free to choose and live our lives the way we want. But Hollywood has always believed that they are in control and can force all Americans to do as they want us too. So liberal and ignorant. Even our Lt Governor understands.

    To Hollywood, anyone who does not agree with them is obviously racist. How stupid is that? Racist? Talk about performances. After all, they are mostly actors and performers. They make a fortune out of lying to the public. Why should this be any different?

    I say we all boycott any one who has boycotted NC. Make them suffer the way they want us to suffer. Take away the one thing that they worship more than anything…money. Don’t give them anymore of yours.

    And one last thing. These same liberal mouths have also proven they have no Christian values. I say that because by saying transgender people have rights and are simply being who they really are is saying GOD MADE A MISTAKE. Really? And they expect any Christian to believe that? They will tell you, God makes NO mistakes. You are who you are because that is how God wanted you to be.

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