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    June 15, 2012 - Author: Randy - No Comments

    We would like to thank you for visiting our blog page. As administrator of the web site, I will be using this blog as a way to express my personal thoughts and opinions. Sometimes other family members may post here. Take time to read the different views and opinions of our family members and feel free to comment on each. But understand that inappropriate comments containing, profanity, threats or anything else deemed not up to our standards will either not be approved or will be deleted but if necessary those comments will  be turned over to the authorities.

    You will find that sometimes we may post something about our family or family history. We may post new research being added to the main site. Or maybe we will just post whatever happens to be on our mind at that particular moment. You never know what you might find here.

    Guests or distant relatives are also invited to share.

    We have our own personal beliefs and opinions and that is why we have put up this blog. One family member may not agree with the opinion of another, but family doesn’t always agree with family. You will see that we will be respectful of each other, though. We hope you will agree with our views but we also understand that many won’t. Normal criticism is expected but keep it civil please.

    And be sure and visit our main family web site and learn about our family and our history. You can reach the site here.

    So again, welcome and come back often.

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