2nd Regiment, North Carolina Infantry 2nd Infantry Regiment State Troops was assembled at Garysburg, North Carolina, in  May, 1861, with slightly more than 1,300 men. Its companies were mostly recruited in the following counties: New Hanover, Wilson, Surry, Carteret,  Duplin, Guilford, Sampson, Craven, Jones, and Pamlico.  After serving in the Department of North Carolina the unit moved to Virginia where it was assigned to G.B. Anderson's, Ramseur's, and Cox's Brigade. It took an active part in the difficult campaigns of the army from the Seven Days' Battles to Cold Early in the Shenandoah Valley, and ended the war at Appomattox. Since Wiley only joined the regiment in 1864 he was not with them for many earlier battles such as Gettysburg and Chancelorsville.
His son Simon Shew, born in 1789 was his fifth child. Five of Phillip's eleven children moved to Vigo County, Indiana in the mid 1820's. Simon served with the North Carolina Militia under Capt. Ambrose Carlton during the War of 1812. After the war he returned to Wilkes County and lived out his life as a farmer. He married Mary Suites(Sutes or Soots) on March 13, 1817 and they had six children. He died in 1878. Mary was still alive in the 1880 Census at the age of 86 and outlived Simon by many years.
and Historical marker at Battleground site
      26 May 1778 Guilford County, NC (Land Entry #97 entered 26 May 1778), Land Grant #235 issued 29 Feb 1780, book 33, pg. 279, to William Dent....363 acres...South side of Stinking Quarter...Phillip Shue ...McCulloch...Glass.        5 Dec 1778 Guilford County, NC (Land Entry #906 entered 5 Dec 1778), Land Grant #644 issued to Phillip Shue on 22 Oct 1782, book 48, page 146, for 300 acres on the waters of Stinking Quarter Creek adjacent to the lands of Glass, Suller, Ingol, and Oneal.        22 Feb 1780 Guilford Co. NC Land Entry #2027 James ONeal enters 640 acres in Guilford Co on Stinking Quarter Creek; Border: entry of William Dent on West, Frances Linsbery on East, and Philip Show on North.        1790 Federal Census Guilford Co. NC Philip Shoe 1 free white male 16 or older   (himself) 4 free white males under 16 (Henry, Daniel, Jacob, & Simon) 4 free white females (Susannah, Eve Anna, Johanna,  & unknown)        29 Mar 1793 Guilford Co. NC Land Entry #2734 Benjamin Morgan enters 100 acres in Guilford Co on waters of Stinking Quarter Creek; border: on East & West by Philip Shew, on North by George Limebury, & on South by James ONeal.        1 May 1793 Guilford Co. NC Land Entry #2735 Philip Shew (or Shaw) enters 40 acres in Guilford Co on watres of Stinkin Quarter Creek; border: George Clap on South, George Shoffner on West, John Coble, & on East by Orange County line.        24 Dec 1799 Wilkes County Land Entry Between James Cargile and Phillip Shoe, Guilford County, NC...$250...100 ac both sides middle fork Fishers Creek.. John Currys line...Henry Carters line...David Thornbergh James x Cargill William Chambers Peter Good        28 Jul 1803 Wilkes County Between William Johnson and Phillip Shoe 150.00...100ac.. Mare Branch..N. Corner William Johnsons tract...New Road... David Thornbergh William Johnson Daniel x Shoe        11 Aug 1803 Wilkes County Deed Book F-1 Between John Alexander and Philip Shew...$200...140 ac Bryer Creek..William Alexander John Alexander Job Cole Jacob Lues (Lewis)        14 Jul 1806 Wilkes County Deed Book F-1 Between William Sebastian and Philip Shew...$131...105 ac waters Fishers Creek...John Currys field..James Cargiles line..Mill Road.. Henry Lovelace William Sebastian David Thorbergh James x Cargile        23 March 1829 Wilkes County Deed Book 23 Between Phillip and Simon Shew with Boston Shew 100 dollars for 30 acres more or less along the middle fork of Fishing Creek beginning at the mouth of the 2nd branch and the north side of said creek and also bordered by a parcel owned by Jacob Shew. (view a photo of the transaction here - shared by Elsie Arcun from her personal reserach)
Schuh German and Jewish (Ashkenazic): metonymic occupational name for a maker or repairer of shoes, from Middle High German schuoch, German Schuh ‘shoe’; sometimes from a house name. Dictionary of American Family Names, Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-508137-4 Nathanael Greene reports to Governor Abner Nash of North Carolina Camp near the Iron Works, March 18th, 9 a.m., 1781: “Time will not permit me to be very particular, and therefore I shall only Confirm the account of there having been an action on the 15th. The battle was fought near Guilford Court House. It was long and severe. We gave up the ground and were obliged to leave our artillery, all the horses being killed. We retreated in good order....The Enemy loss is very great, much more than ours. We ought to have had a victory, and had your Militia stood by their officers it was certain. However the enemy have gained no advantage, except the ground and field pieces. Their operating force is diminished in such a manner, that I am not without hope of turning their victory into defeat, if the Militia don’t leave me....” Quoted from Richard K. Showman and Dennis M. Conrad, eds., The Papers of General Nathanael Greene, vol. VII (Chapel Hill, N.C.: University of North Carolina Press, 1994), 448.
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You can look up records for Wiley and others at Civil War records          
A list of 1883 Pensioners (view here) of the War of 1812 lists Mary as receiving 8 dollars a month from a pension for Simon filed in October 1878 in Dellaplane, Wilkes County, NC. It lists her as his widow. A copy of the request for pension can be seen here, although most of the details of his service are not listed.
The American Dream throughout the centuries has always been worth fighting for.
Shew Veterans
Civil War Total Veterans
North Carolina Memorial at Gettysburg
the militia in1781 with the Continental Army under Gen. Nahanael Greene at the Battle of Guilford Courthouse  against General Cornwalis. (visit the Battleground site)
and click here to view a YouTube video of the battle. It was the largest battle of the Revolutionary War’s Southern Campaign and proved to be a turning point for British military operations in the war. Greene was the great-great-great-great grandson of our direct Greene familiy ancestor Richard ‘of Stanfford Ryvere” Greene.
Hans Ulrich Schuh was born in  Iggelheim, Ludwigshafen, Rheinland-Pfatz, Germany in 1685. (click here for a pop up of earlier generations) On January 9, 1709 he married Anna Elisabetha Kissling, born August 22, 1691, daughter of Peter Kissling, also from Iggleheim, Rheinland-Pfstz, Germany. On August27, 1733 Ulrich left Rotterdam at the age of 48 aboard the ship Elizabeth captained by Edward Lee, bound for the new world. With him were his wife Anna, daughters Eva Elisabetha 17, Anna Elisabetha 13 and Maria Christina 10, and one son Johann Jacob 20.  The family arrived in Philadelphia and settled in nearby Ephrata, PA. The family lived in the Ephrata Cloister until around 1746. Research is on going to determine if Ulrich’s last child was in deed John Phillip born the year Ulrich died in 1750. Most accounts support this. Anna Elisabetha lived until her death November 4, 1772.
Schuh Coat of Arms before coming to America Property  Notes for Phillip Shew SHEW FAMILY HISTORY SHEW FAMILY HISTORY
Wiley Sampson Shew was Simon’s son born November of 1825. He married Judith Stone on May 22, 1853. He was a soldier in the Confederate Army. Two different internet research sites give different enlistment dates for him. The first has him joining his regiment soon after it was formed in 1861 and the other has him not joining until  March 1, 1864. He served in the 2nd Regiment North Carolina Infantry Company F. His younger brother by a year, Constant, was a Civil War casualty. Constant died on September 18, 1864 while a prisoner of war and is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, NY. Wiley and Judith had seven children. He died Jul 10, 1914 Click here to see a photocopy of Wiley’s death certificate.
One of the several coal mines in West Virginia from many years ago Another early photo of Tom Shew Early photo of Tom Tom and Emma Mary Mary Millard Millard Ray Ray Russell Russell Emma Lou Emma Lou Homer Homer Jerry Jerry Tommy Tommy Johnny Johnny Lynda Kay Lynda Kay deceased deceased deceased deceased deceased deceased deceased deceased
John Phillip (Shuh)Schuh, who went by Phillip, left his home in Pennsylvania and settled in Guilford County, North Carolina where around 1770 he met and married Suzanna York(1750). Phillip built a farm along Stinking Quarter Creek at the Orange County line. Most accounts show in
the 1790 Guilford County census, it was the census taker who misspelled the name Shoe. View the original census here. Unconfirmed report lists Phillip as  having fougt along side
View Tom’s 1941 voter registration
Allen"s and Nina's grave stone Allen and Nina - date unknown Fairview Baptist Church North Carolina Memorial at Gettysburg
Allen Shew was the fifth child of Wiley and was born  in June of 1861. He married Nancy Cornelia "Nina" Holland on May 10, 1889. Together they had six children. He remained in Wilkes until his death in 1932 and is buried in Fairview Baptist Church. A 1910 census lists Allen and his family. View it here.
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The American Dream throughout the centuries has always been worth fighting for.
Clyde Millard Shew, known to all who knew him as Tom” was the fourth child of Allen. He was born on March 4, 1902. For a time Tom worked in the coal mines of West Virginia. He died May 13, 1987. He is today survived by his two youngest children as well as numerous great-great- great-grandchildren.
Tom married Emma Pennell in 1923 and together they had ten children. They lived most of their married years in North Carolina and both are buried at Moravian Falls Cemetery in Wilkes County, NC
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