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    A Simple Welcome

    As my first post on our family blog, I would just like to welcome any visitor who has taken the time to visit and read here. I would invite you to check often and read my opinions on such subjects as history, politics, religion and the day’s current events. Sometimes I have a lot to say and this will give me the chance to put my thoughts into words. And I will probably have a lot to say in the coming months with the Presidential election coming up and the fate and future of our country at stake. I am not a fan of the current administration and never have been. I have never hidden that fact and never will. I do not like the way our country is being led and pray there we will not see another four years of this same destruction of our freedoms. We can hope anyway. We have seen so much of this country turn away from God and faith, and now Christianity has become an outcast by politicians, judges and the judicial system. This has to change and unless we, as Americans, do not stand up for what is right and just, it never will.

    I will be writing more on this subject later. For now, once again thanks for visiting and please check back often.

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