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We are descendant from many family names and generations down through the centuries and from around the world. And since those times the Shew family has continued to grow and prosper all the while keeping the roots of our particular branch in North Carolina. There are family members now living in Kentucky, Arkansas, Mississippi, Texas, Oklahoma, South Dakota as well as still in North Carolina. The patriarc and matriarc of our family were Tom and Emma who sadly passed on many years ago. But their descendants continue to flourish and grow.
Disclaimer PLEASE DONATE On July 22, 2019 one of our family members, Christopher Wooten, a 14-year veteran for the NC State Highway Patrol was injured in the line of duty. Doctors have classified his injuries as a complete spinal cord injury at the top of the spine, resulting in paralysis from the neck down. You can follow his healing progress at:  And we would appreciate any contribution on our GoFundMe. Anything you can give is greatly appreciated. CHRIS’S STORY DONATE HERE
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