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    A Sad Place for our Country

    August 24, 2015 - Author: Randy - No Comments

    (This post was originally written three years ago so it may seem outdated. But it is still very relevant to problems of today.)

    Growing up in America was something I always found myself proud of.  I can remember from my first day in school how the Pledge of Allegiance was a morning ritual that over the years we began to take for granted. Yes, we somewhat understood what we were pledging and yes, it became more meaningful as we progressed to higher levels of schooling. And during those years, there was never one complaint or criticism about the words “Under God” or, for that matter any part of the pledge. It was part of America. It was part of our culture, our heritage and our rights.

    But now, sadly, all that is gone. Our rights are violated on a daily basis and the culture and heritage of an American way of life is being trampled on and taken away from us more and more everyday.

    When I see Christians being persecuted constantly in order to protect and defend muslims, such as in this video, I find myself literally disgusted at this new America. When I see our service men, who fight and die every single day, being shunned in favor of the complaints and insults of muslims I cringe. When I see muslim extremists taking up arms and shooting American citizens simply for living a free life, I want to cry.

    America came together as a country…a free nation, after 9/11.  And I am one to admit I was never a George W. Bush fan until now. But I supported him when our country was attacked. I supported his choices when he declared a War on Terror. When I first reached voting age, I registered as a Democrat and remained one until three years ago. Even now as an Independent, I will defend the Democratic party of John Kennedy. But that is not the same Democratic party of today. Attack, demean, insult and dig up or make up dirt is how the Democrats of today conduct their campaigns. They will lie, cheat, backstab or whatever it takes to win. Who cares if it’s true or not as long as they win. Yes, no politician can really be trusted, no matter Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Green or whatever party. Politicians all lie. It’s as if they really believe that is part of the job description. But many of them actually tell lie after lie after lie and even when facts prove the lie to be a lie, they continue to tell the same lie. And their reason? Because there is always some voters who will believe those lies even when they are smacked with the truth. Most of them are the kind of voter who vote for a face even not knowing anything about who the face belongs to. An example of that would be the Fox News report from the 2008 election where a reporter was outside a polling location and was asking voters as they came out who they voted for. There were several who voted Obama. The reporter asked those who had if they thought Obama had made the right choice picking Sara Palin as his VP running mate. Not one single person asked ever caught the question and all answered yes she was the best pick for him. You can actually hear the questioning on YouTube by clicking here.

    And then there was the woman who was interviewed after Obama had won and she was jumping up and down with glee saying how now she was going to get some of that Obama money. When she was asked where Obama would be getting the money all she could say is she didn’t care as long as she was getting some.

    This is the mindset of so many voters today. And what makes it even more pathetic is many of those don’t care one iota about Christian morals or principles and religion is not important to them at all. As a matter of fact, a recent poll showed that 51% of Americans have now stated they would even vote for an atheist for President. How’s that for scary?

    Today law enforcement protect people like Westboro Church for picketing a solders funeral with signs claiming that same soldier will burn in hell. But there has never been a case where these “anti”Christians have been attacked physically by anyone for these protests. Yet when Christians walk down the street near an Arab festival carrying sings proclaiming Jesus is our savior, they are attacked with rocks, bottles, cans, sticks or whatever the arab muslims can find to throw, all while shouting obscenities and curses about Christians and the Bible. And this while police turn a blind eye to the attacks until finally ordering the Christians to leave for causing a disturbance.

    Yes America is not the America I grew up with and I shutter to think how much worse it will get if the current administration is actually given another four years. That literally terrifies me. But unfortunately it appears there are more un-Americans willing to vote for a bad choice since they don’t really care about America.

    We have to change the course that America is on. Between the illegal immigrants and the muslim extremists and the atheists, true Americans are being shuffled to the back of the bus or thrown under it. We have to make America American again. For the sakes of our children and their children. I do not begrudge LEGAL immigrants or muslims anything. I believe they have rights here in this country just as we do. But not MORE rights than we do.  As for atheists? I just feel sorry for them. When a school system takes ‘under God’ out of the pledge because one atheist protests it then it infringes on the rights of the other 1000 who want to keep it in. Where is the justice in that?

    And finally, I would like to share a video that is so unbelievable you have to see it to actually believe it ever happened. The school where the principal refused to allow the children to sing “God Bless the USA” recently gathered a group of the students and outside the boundaries of the school the kids sang the song. Unfortunately, there were adults standing around condemning these children and the song and criticizing what it stood for. In fact one man can actually be heard telling these kids that they will burn in hell. An adult telling children they will burn in hell! I guess he doesn’t realize God will judge him too! Watch the video and see for yourself.

    And as an American and a Christian I close the blog with a simple GOD BLESS AMERICA.

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